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Audi C5 A6 Quattro 4.2 V8 Window Sticker

Last Updated: 09/24/2017
This article is about a lovely silver 2000 Audi Quattro A6 4.2 V8 that I recently bought for $300 after something under its shifter console area had caught fire, and then someone had emptied a fire extinguisher into its interior, and then someone else (perhaps the Las Vegas Fire Department) sprayed lots of water all over the inside, so when I bought the car, the carpet was soaked and the floorpan of the car was a minor lake. I have removed the front seats and the carpet. So nowadays, I open the doors in the morning, and close them at sunset, so that the inside of the car can thoroughly dry out in the hot Nevada desert sun. I hope that will make the musty smell go away, too.

Meanwhile, I retrieved and read the owner’s manual and found the original window sticker, 17 years later.

Based thereon, City MPG was 17. Highway MPG was 24.

The MSRP at the time (in the year 2000) was $52,430.

The basic Audi price was $48,900.

Delivery charges were $525 to the dealer in Lafayette, Indiana.

The Factory installed options came to $3,005:
  • 17 inch polished alloy wheels for $750
  • The navigation system with one matching CD included for $1,280
  • Xenon headlamps for $500
  • Heated front and rear seats for $475
Using an inflation calculator: $52,430 in "year 2000" dollars comes to $74,230 in 2017. So, buying the car for $300 meant that I paid 0.4% of the new-car price, adjusted for inflation.

Then again, it's not quite in showroom condition, any more ... this one will need some work.

These Audi A6 Quattro cars are still an amazing deal at used-car prices, though. I also drive an identical car (without the navigation system, but I don't need it; the GPS on my phone does a good job) ... also a 2000 model, also silver, same engine, same transmission, same interior color, same wheels. I bought it last month for $1,200. By now I've spent another $1,000 or so on it, and it is fun, reliable and very fast. The Audi Symphony BOSE sound system still sounds great.
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