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Audi C5 RS6 Transmission Observations

Last Updated: 05/03/2019
Parts Group: Transmission
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I have yet to own an RS6 but even so have just bought my first used RS6 automatic transmission from a friend of our chief tech. This transmission is from a car that ran, albeit with some engine-related issues with which the owner lost patience, then decided to part out the car.

I anaIyzed this transmission while it was next to an S6 automatic transmission. They are both variations of the ZF 5HP-24A, but the RS6 unit has a different transmission casing whereas the S6 unit looks visually identical to the A6 4.2 V8 units.

I conclude that a special casting was made, specifically for the RS6. Compared to the case of the S6, the RS6 case has various indentations, and the attachment point for the crankshaft position sensor has been repositioned to be higher up.

Having worked on several A6 4.2 V8 cars, I'm impressed by how large a powerplant Audi managed to shoe-horn into such a small car. When it comes to the RS6, with two turbochargers plus intercooling and all of the related complexity also added in under the hood, no wonder the engineers needed more space, and so they reshaped the transmission casing.
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